Biodegradable plastic packaging will affect the soil of natural plants needed for beauty ingredients, and global warming will directly affect the condition of skin.

In fact, a long time ago, many international famous cosmetics brands began to pay attention to the environmental protection of cosmetics. There are three criteria for the use of organic ingredients in cosmetics. When the green beauty products go forward in a down-to-earth way, what we can do is to let our dressing table perform and maintain the “environmental fashion“, and give back to the nature with the most practical actions.

More and more special packaging materials and packaging will be used as a new topic.

Before or during use, degradable plastics should have similar performance (such as strength, toughness, water resistance, thermal stability, etc.); After the completion of the use function, most or all of them can be degraded into carbon dioxide, water and other products that are basically harmless to the environment through appropriate post-treatment measures, and then re-enter the human ecosystem to participate in the new material and energy cycle.

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