Mono Packaging

Brands are moving to more sustainable packaging, but it can be hard to find a way that is easy to recycle.

Most cosmetics packaging uses a lot of various materials.For example, the lid of a cream Jar may be made of ABS, while the JAR may be made of PETG.Consumers or waste treatment plants have to disassemble these components according to the different materials and then classify them for discarding or recycling, which greatly increases the sorting cost and recycling costs.

In order to solve these problems, Bloomeco has developed several MONO Cosmetic Packaging materials and can choose PCR or Bio-PE.It not only reduces the cost of sorting but also reduces the carbon footprint.
Bloomeco adheres to the principle of harmony between man and nature, and from the perspective of our customers and consumers, we not only innovate and develop different sustainable packaging.We believe that more high-quality sustainable packaging will be brought to our customers in the future to help them succeed.

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