PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) refers to the materials that have been recycled and reused from consumer used products, usually waste plastic bottles that have been recycled and processed. The performance of PCR cosmetic packaging materials mainly depends on the quality of the recycled materials and the accuracy of the processing technology.

PCR Cosmetic Packaging
PCR Cosmetic Packaging

Generally speaking, the performance of PCR cosmetic packaging materials can be comparable to that of new plastic materials. They have high strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and high temperature resistance, and can therefore be used to manufacture various cosmetic packaging such as bottles, tubes, boxes, etc.

PCR cosmetic packaging materials also have the characteristics of environmental protection. By recycling waste plastics, it can reduce the exploitation of natural resources, while also reducing waste generation and environmental pollution, which conforms to the concept of sustainable development.

In summary, PCR cosmetic packaging materials have good performance and meet environmental requirements, and are therefore favored by more and more cosmetic brands.

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