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Advantages and disadvantages of degradable PLA packaging

PLA is a bio-based polyester and is a compostable alternative to traditional Plastics used for packaging. The lifespan of PLA is shorter than plastic, the breakdown period is between 6 months to 2 years. The increased developments in production procedures and volume of PLA, allows different industries to incorporate PLA into their packaging at a …


LB2001 Lipstick


Why choose our refillable PCR packaging

purchasing only replaceable parts each time, which can help you save almost 70-90% of packaging costs. If you purchase 100,000 USD per year, you can save nearly 70,000 to 90,000 dollars in expenses. These savings can add value elsewhere in terms of advertising cost, new product development, sales force recruitment and so on.

Problems and solutions of cosmetic packaging design

With the development of packaging design, China’s packaging design has already had legal protection. Although there is legal protection, the work of health supervision department is not so smooth. There are still many problems in the packaging work of cosmetics, and many packaging design has not been required. There are still many problems worthy of further study.

Beauty and the Beast?

The beauty industry is growing rapidly with many new brands and celebrities often endorsing new products. Increasing brand popularity and celebrity endorsement has resulted in steady growth and a burgeoning desire for products for haircare, skincare and makeup. However, this successful and attractive scenario must not develop unchecked without considering and embracing the environmental impact. Any beauty product we pick off the shelf is great to look at and to use, but what happens when that product is finished?

Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging

How to identify whether cosmetic packaging is recyclable?

There is a strange mark on the plastic package. It consists of numbers surrounded by three arrows, ranging from 1 to 7. The numbers indicate the type of plastic used to make the container. Sometimes the abbreviation for plastic can be found under the label (for example, pet stands for polyethylene terephthalate). If you don’t understand what they mean it’s useless, here’s a quick guide:


Recycled PCR-PET: ECO packaging for cosmetics

Plastic, steel, wood and cement together constitute the four basic materials of modern industry. It plays an important role in the national economy. It is widely used in industry, agriculture and people’s daily life because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, easy processing and molding, beautiful appearance, bright color and other performance and energy saving in production and use.


How to make cosmetic packaging design stand out

Nowadays, women pay more attention to their own skin care, and the purchase of cosmetics is the first step of skin care. In order to make their products stand out among the numerous cosmetics manufacturers, they will carry out packaging design for their products. So, what should be paid attention to in cosmetic packaging design?