PCR Material
PCR Material

With the development of social economy, cleaning and environmental protection have become the common goal and direction of all walks of life. With the promotion of sustainable circular economy, the market demand for sustainable packaging is becoming stronger and stronger. Both brand owners and packaging suppliers are striving towards the direction of environmental protection and sustainability.

In recent years, Bloom ECO Packaging Co., Ltd. has taken global climate warming and environmental change into consideration, and its ultimate goal is to strengthen the use of recycled plastic materials and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the global focus on environmental issues, bloom eco packaging takes the lead in recycling plastics (PCR) reprocessing in the same industry. It not only contributes to the environmental protection of the earth, but also receives the consistent support of the world’s famous brand manufacturers, bloom eco Packaging has also publicly displayed PCR products in the exhibition hall in 2020, and will actively participate in important foreign exhibitions in the future. Through professional introduction and explanation, the products packaged by environmental protection cosmetics hose will shine in the world.

“Green sustainability” is the global trend of beauty, and it is also the corporate responsibility of brands. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection of consumers, more and more beauty brands promise to reduce their carbon footprint and regard environmental sustainability as the corporate spirit. Using recycled plastics, environmental protection for their own brand points. Bloom eco packaging uses 100% recycled plastics after consumption. Compared with newly refined plastics, the carbon emissions of recycled plastics are reduced by 65%.

Please let us know if there is any demand for cosmetic packaging, we will provide the best cosmetic packaging solution.

Bloom ECO Packaging Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and production of cosmetics packaging, mainly used in cosmetics packaging, personal care products packaging, etc. We are committed to providing high quality cosmetic packaging solutions for customers.

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