1. Formulate the development plan of green packaging materials. We should set out the development plan of green packaging materials according to our national conditions, put forward the main research and development projects and objectives, concentrate people and property, organize capable teams, carry out research and cooperation in a planned and targeted way, so as to make the development of green packaging materials in China into the forefront of the world.
  2. Formulate and improve the legal system of green packaging materials. The experience of developed countries can be used for reference. The first is to prohibit the use of certain toxic and harmful packaging materials in the form of legislation. For example, legislation forbids the use of packaging materials containing lead, mercury and copper; the second is to establish a storage and return system: prohibit the use of reusable equipment and packaging materials that cannot reach a specific recycling ratio. Many countries stipulate that alcoholic drinks and soft drinks should use recyclable containers. If they can not meet this standard, they will refuse to import them. The third is to implement the “green tax” system, such as tax preference or fine. That is to say, the manufacturers who produce and use packaging materials will be given tax-free, low tax preference or higher tax according to whether the raw materials or packaging used are safe or partially recycled packaging materials, so as to encourage the use of renewable resources. Fourth, advocate moderate packaging. For example, the United States has made a standard limit according to a certain proportion of the complexity and luxury of commodity packaging. If excessive packaging exceeds the requirements, heavy punishment will be imposed, so as to force manufacturers to simplify packaging, and Japan even put forward the idea of zero packaging.

There is no green packaging law in China. Although the production of green packaging materials is no exception, the following laws and regulations should be established and perfected in order to promote the rapid development of green packaging materials: 1) green packaging materials regulations should be incorporated into green packaging laws and regulations; 2) environmental standards of green packaging materials; 2) environmental standards of green packaging materials; 3) environmental standards of green packaging materials; 3) environmental standards of green packaging materials; ③ In the whole life process production of green packaging materials, the administrative regulations for controlling the consumption of resources, energy and total amount of pollutants discharged into the environment, as well as the technical regulations for environmental purification to prevent and eliminate pollutants discharged into the environment; 4) to establish a recycling system for packaging waste to achieve the goal of recycling packaging materials.

  1. The cleaner production technology of packaging materials should be studied. At present, the main materials used in the packaging industry – paper, plastic, metal, glass, the environmental pollution caused by the production process is far greater than the environmental pollution caused by waste. Therefore, in order to make the packaging materials have “green” performance in the whole life cycle, it is necessary to carry out clean production.
  2. Develop single high performance materials to replace composite materials and green composite materials which are easy to be recycled. The biggest advantage of composite materials as packaging materials in use is that they have multiple functions, making them high performance and significant economic benefits. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to recover, mainly in separation and stratification. Moreover, if the composite materials are mixed into a single material, the recovery quality of single material will be damaged. Therefore, the composite materials can only be used as fuel and burned in incineration Heat energy is recovered by burning in a furnace.
  3. Develop green packaging materials with low consumption, no pollution and less pollution, high performance, recyclable, recyclable and degradable, which can be produced by renewable resources and wastes.

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