The latest PCR PP & ABS Deodorant solution enables Brands to claim sustainability instantly and effortlessly. Without changing the authentication of the packaging, simply by replacing the syringe-type inner bottle of a traditional airless packaging with Blommeco ‘s latest PCR PP & ABS Deodorant, Brands can claim up to 100% use of Post Consumer Recycled material.

Applying Bloomeco Deodorant to a current product line is the swift and cost-effective transformation to help brands stand in line with sustainable schemes. It can also be promoted as Refillable Product that works perfectly well for counter sales.

PCR PP & ABS Deodorant ensures a vacuum-sealed environment to protect preservative-free formulae. While enjoying a natural-based product, consumers also experience the ease-of-use refillable packaging design that costs less and contributes to one’s effort in standing against plastic pollution.

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