The ultimate purpose of cosmetic packaging design is to enhance the overall image of products, improve the sales of products, and bring more economic benefits to enterprises. Nowadays, more and more enterprises and businesses have paid attention to the importance of packaging design. Cosmetic packaging design can transmit the relevant information of products through graphic and other visual elements, and leave consumers with a beautiful visual feeling, and stimulate consumers to have the desire to buy. To a certain extent, packaging is the best advertisement for products. When consumers buy products, they should be the first The eye will be attracted by the successful packaging.

Although today’s society is an era of emphasizing individuality, cosmetic packaging is not only the external decoration of products, but also the creativity of packaging. But some designers and enterprises in cosmetics packaging design, there will be the following misunderstanding.

1、 Follow suit blindly

Some enterprises or designers, they in the cosmetics packaging design, do not have their own creativity, but blindly follow suit. See a certain cosmetic product packaging design is very popular, design style is very novel, unique, so follow it. After a period of time, this kind of packaging design is like flu, everywhere. Here is to remind you that the creativity of packaging design is not to follow the example of others. If you want to be unique and follow the trend blindly, you will not be able to form your own style in the end, and you will not be able to let your products occupy an advantage in similar products. Such packaging design is ultimately futile.

2、 Shanzhai design

Some businesses or designers, in order to reduce the cost of cosmetic packaging design, to imitate some authentic brand packaging design, using the authentic brand as the template, such a design is known as Shanzhai design, and this design is also playing an edge. Such packaging is indeed in a certain situation or a certain period of time has certain benefits, but ultimately can not be long-term, the cottage will never become genuine.

3、 Blind pursuit of Art

Some businesses and designers, when they design cosmetics packaging, will focus on the pursuit of consumer eye effect, go far in the way of packaging design, so that creative packaging lost its original flavor, so that the so-called style becomes empty and tasteless. It is purely based on playing art to pack the products, blindly pursue the artistry. Although the ornamental value is high, it can not promote the sales in the end. Such cosmetic packaging design is also unsuccessful.

Cosmetic packaging design should contain the understanding of the nature of the product, and should reflect the cultural heritage on the basis of many years of market observation experience, rather than blindly pursuing art, not taking packaging as art.

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