With the development of packaging design, China’s packaging design has already had legal protection. Although there is legal protection, the work of health supervision department is not so smooth. There are still many problems in the packaging work of cosmetics, and many packaging design has not been required. There are still many problems worthy of further study.

1.The hygienic supervision on the packaging materials of cosmetics is in the blank stage. Article 8 of Chapter II of the regulations

Containers and packaging materials directly in contact with cosmetics must meet the national health standards. There are many kinds of materials for making cosmetic packaging containers, such as all kinds of plastics, glass, metal and so on. If the materials are not used properly, some harmful substances will be dissolved in the process of storing cosmetics, which not only directly affects the quality of cosmetics, but also causes bad effects on the skin. For example, some glass products in the storage process of cosmetics will occur alkali dissolution, resulting in discoloration, precipitation, separation and pH value changes. Plastic products are generally equipped with additives, stabilizers, pigments and so on. Once these additives dissolve and react with the contents, they will become the inducement of deterioration and odor of the contents. However, the manufacturers often pursue the beauty and characteristics of the shape, etc. there is no research on what kind of cosmetics should be selected, what kind of materials and quality packaging should be selected, and the health department has not put forward specific hygienic standards for the packaging containers of cosmetics so far, which undoubtedly leaves hidden dangers for the sanitary quality of cosmetics!

2.Poor management of cosmetic labels

In order to attract consumers and expand sales, manufacturers not only use their brains in the form of packaging, but also make great efforts on product labels and instructions. Some products do not apply for special purpose cosmetics, but the instructions publicize that their products have special functions. For example, “this product can effectively prevent hair loss”, “this product has the effect of lightening facial black spots”, etc.; some product labels use absolute language such as “the latest scientific and technological achievements”, “pure natural products”. These irresponsible propaganda mislead consumers.

In view of the above problems, the following improvement measures are recommended

3.Study on hygienic performance of cosmetic packaging container

In view of the current situation that there is no hygienic requirement for the packaging containers of cosmetics in China, the health department should study the hygiene problems existing in various kinds of packaging materials for cosmetics, and put forward requirements for the raw materials and additives used in the production of packaging containers according to the dissolution of harmful substances in the process of storing cosmetics, and formulate the corresponding hygiene measures The hygiene standard provides the basis for the health department to supervise and manage the containers.

4.Strictly implement the product registration and record system, strengthen the examination of labels, and provide consumers with product quality information. In view of the high rate of nonstandard cosmetic labels in the current market inspection, local health departments should strengthen supervision. Health supervisors at all levels, especially grass-roots staff, should not only master the requirements of the regulations on labeling items, but also understand and master the taboo words in the label instructions for product publicity. At the same time, the requirement of submitting the sample label for approval in the packaging design stage of new products is put forward to eliminate the unqualified labels in the “bud” state, which not only urges the enterprises to operate in compliance with the law, but also enables the enterprises to avoid the economic losses caused by the unqualified packaging design.

There are problems, but we should be full of confidence in the future development. As long as we keep forging ahead, we can make progress.

The future trend of cosmetic packaging design

With the development of packaging design, personalized and systematic packaging design has begun in the field of cosmetics. A good design can reflect the taste and grade of cosmetics. Many consumers will choose their own products because of the packaging design of products. With the development of packaging design, packaging design also reflects its own trend more and more.

Bright color 1: highlight individuality on packaging

The soul of cosmetic industry is innovation, and techpack is a typical representative enterprise. The company has set up an innovation center near Paris dedicated to developing new concepts and new product prototypes. Michel Limongi, director of the innovation center, said, “we must absolutely avoid designing and producing packaging that is already on the market. Women’s cosmetics are often carried with them, not just at home, but in cars or trains. We have patiently communicated with many women to understand their real needs. “

After a lot of effort, the company developed a series of unique packaging. Slim color make-up box is one of them. It can be opened 180 ° in all directions. It is transparent and concise, and the products in it can be seen at a glance. At the hinge of the box, you can place an eyelash brush or pencil, and a Slim designed with a lipstick, a pencil and two kinds of lip gloss. HCT packaging presents a new cosmetic box that combines transparency and a new letter structure. The manufacturer chose to display the four letters of product name sexy in the transparent cosmetic box, and put different color lip gloss in each letter. The design is very clever.

Global tube, an Italian manufacturer, has launched a new hose concept to meet consumers’ demands for portability and convenience. Combi Cap hose cover is suitable for sunscreen or foundation fluid, and there are second covers for sealing other products.

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