As an industrial sector, packaging also faces environmental problems without exception. The source of pollution is packaging materials. The packaging materials widely used in packaging are mainly plastic, paper, glass, metal, etc., which obviously pollute the environment from the collection of raw materials, manufacturing process and waste after use. These raw material sources not only need to consume a lot of renewable forest resources, but also consume a lot of non renewable mineral resources and energy. In the production process (papermaking, glass, plastics, metal smelting industries are all heavy pollution industries), there are a lot of pollutants that pollute the environment; In the process of using packaging materials, due to the short service life and large amount of packaging materials (for example, polystyrene foam (EPS) plastic used to make shock proof packaging for goods in China), the annual consumption is about 400000 tons, and the finished products are 130 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to more than 400 100 storey buildings.

In the United States, 150 million tons of municipal waste is produced every year, of which one third is packaging waste. The annual solid waste of Japanese cities is about 50 million tons, including 21 million tons of packaging waste) and it is difficult to concentrate, especially the plastic and chemical composite products are not easy to be recycled and self degradation, resulting in environmental pollution; Due to the low recovery rate of plastic film, white pollution is caused. When burned, the chemical substances that destroy the ozone layer are released, which pollute the air and aggravate the temperature effect. Excessive excessive packaging aggravates the process of environmental pollution and ecological damage.

These environmental problems have aroused people’s attention. In order to protect human beings, it is necessary to improve the existing packaging materials and develop environmentally friendly green packaging materials in order to protect the living environment and realize sustainable development.

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