The beauty industry is growing rapidly with many new brands and celebrities often endorsing new products. Increasing brand popularity and celebrity endorsement has resulted in steady growth and a burgeoning desire for products for haircare, skincare and makeup. However, this successful and attractive scenario must not develop unchecked without considering and embracing the environmental impact. Any beauty product we pick off the shelf is great to look at and to use, but what happens when that product is finished? Most of us will just throw the remains, especially the packaging, into a trash can and not think twice. But what if we stopped and thought about the environmental impact of our actions? Much of the waste found in landfills and more widely on land and in the oceans consists of product packaging. One of the biggest contributors is plastic, which typically does not break down easily and can leach undesirable and even toxic chemicals, quite apart from presenting a very real danger to wildlife accidentally ingesting or becoming entangled in it.   All in all, the use of plastic packaging causes extreme environmental damage to our planet and is something that cannot continue without seriously detrimental consequences for the world as we know it.

Kat Von D, alongside many other big players within the industry, talks about the growing change in customer behaviour with reference to the growth of the cruelty- free and environmentally friendly market stating, “millennials really do care”.  Indeed, more and more companies are starting to respond to consumer awareness of the environmental impact of packaging. Public conscience is increasingly driving customers to select products purely for their packaging.  Eco-friendly packaging, especially within the beauty industry allows the packaging to be reused, recycled or manufactured with the minimum possible environmental impact.  Eco-friendly packaging not only finds Earth-friendly ways to distribute its contents but also effective ways to promote its company’s values. This in turn generates trust between business and consumer, with resultant benefits for both.  Hence environmentally friendly is not an expensive indulgence, far from it, this is essential for our future and those who embrace it first start out with a major advantage over the competition.

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Georgia Soan

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