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What’s beauty without life? The beauty industry is growing faster than ever before, it is estimated that the beauty market is valued at $532 billion. With more and more products available to consumers, finding a way to stand out can be a bit of a challenge. Within the beauty industry consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of traditional materials used in packaging and their manufacturing process, comparing them to alternatives that have a positive impact on the environment. A study found that 73% of consumers would change their shopping traditions to have a positive effect on our environment.

The beauty industry currently has a terribly negative impact on our climate and natural habitats across the world. 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year globally, of which most are not recyclable, Zero Waste Week reports. Many of these packaging’s take 1000 years to decompose, these end up in landfills, our oceans, and other remarkable places. For example, scientists have even uncovered plastic at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, the deepest oceanic point on Earth. The aspect of plastic packaging littering our environment is not the only issue in the industry, the carbon footprint of manufacturing beauty products is enormous and needs to change.

The way you market and design your packaging creates a powerful message to your consumers. Packaging conveys your first impression to your brand; the values and it can set you apart in the beauty industry. The concerns consumers have toward the current environmental issues do impact the choices they make when purchasing a product, especially if they don’t contribute to the degradation of the environment.

Choosing eco-friendly packaging would gain more business and reduce your companies carbon footprint. The beauty industry is always growing, so adhering to consumers wants and needs is important to keep up with the constant change. Many consumers are looking for products that allow themselves to feel a part of something bigger; healing the world from the damage that we have caused. Will you listen to your consumers’ concerns and take a step towards a better future?

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